The Waxman Literary Agency is a development-oriented firm, specializing in representing nonfiction and fiction authors with powerful stories. Our strength lies in our ability to match authors with ideas and to connect them with the best possible publisher for their book. Our clients are accomplished journalists, experts in their fields, celebrities and first time writers with an exceptional story or message to share. We have been associated with dozens of bestsellers and award winning projects, and look forward to continuing to help bring exciting and successful new voices to American and international markets.


Scott Waxman, founder of Waxman Literary Agency, has spent his entire career fostering writers and their stories. He began his career in the editorial department of HarperCollins in the waning days of the pre-internet era 1990's. Despite the countless changes to the industry since that time, some things have not changed at all: good writing, powerful stories, and strong word of mouth are still the main ingredients of successful publishing. He continues to most enjoy early-in-the-process editorial development, when an idea becomes something bigger: a book. The Waxman Literary Agency is a full service agency that represents dozens of New York Times bestsellers from novelists, journalists, and celebrities.

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Ashley Lopez joined the Waxman Literary Agency in 2015. She received her MFA in Fiction from Sarah Lawrence College and is a founder and the Managing Editor of Pigeon Pages Literary Journal. Ashley is looking for literary and young adult fiction, narrative nonfiction, memoir, and cultural criticism. Most importantly she seeks authors with a strong point of view and an eye for language.




United Kingdom, Abner Stein – Caspian Dennis

France, La Nouvelle Agence – Vanessa Kling, Michele Kanonidis, Anne Maizaret

Italy, Berla & Griffini – Erica Berla and Vanessa Maus

Germany, Mohrbooks – Tilo Eckardt, Sebastian Ritscher, Annelie Geissler

Spain/Portugal/Brazil, ACER – Elizabeth Atkins

Scandanavia, Ulf Toregard – Ulf Toregard

Holland, Marianne Schönbach Literary Agency – Marianne Schönbach

Poland, Macadamia Literary Agency – Kamila Kanafa, Maria Kabat, Magda Cabajewska

Eastern Europe
Baltic StatesPrava i Prevodi – Milena Kaplarevic, Ana Milenkovic

Russia, Van Lear Agency – Elizabeth Van Lear, Julie Demchenko

Greece, Read n’ Right – Nike Davarinou

IsraelDeborah Harris Agency – Geula Geurts

Korea, Milkwood Agency – Alex Lee

China/Taiwan/Thailand, Grayhawk Agency – Gray Tan, Zoe Hsu

Japan:, Tuttle-Mori – Ken Mori, Manami Tamaoki

Turkey, Akcali Copyright Co. – Özgur Emir, Atilla Izgi Turgut, Mustafa Urgen