Willows vs. Wolverines

By Alison Cherry

Book Cover: Willows vs. Wolverines

It’s an all-out boys vs. girls prank war in this hilarious summer camp novel from the author of The Classy Crooks Club!

Twelve-year-old Izzy Cervantes and her best friend Mackenzie have been spending their summers at Camp Sweetwater since they were eight. But when the camp raises its rates, the girls find themselves packed off to a cheaper alternative called Camp Foxtail. Worse still—they’re in different cabins!

Izzy finds herself in the Willows cabin, and since all of her cabinmates have been friends forever, Izzy struggles to keep up and fit in. So when Izzy hears about a time-honored prank war between Willow Lodge and boys’ cabin Wolverine Lodge, she sees a chance to make her mark. She boasts that her older brother Tomás was the most respected prankster in Camp Foxtail history and that he’d be happy to help them win the prank war. In reality, Izzy doesn’t even have an older brother, but the effect is instantaneous; she goes from being the anonymous new girl to being Willow Lodge’s secret weapon.

But pulling pranks without Mackenzie just feels wrong, so Izzy confides in her best friend. They spend the few comfortable hours they have together hatching perfect pranks for “Tomás” to suggest, and their planning sessions make Camp Foxtail feel a little more like home.

The first prank goes off with a bang, and the summer continues smoothly—with Izzy’s popularity escalating with each victory over the Wolverines! The only problem is, Izzy becomes so focused on pranking popularity that she starts neglecting Mackenzie—and even forgets her birthday. Mackenzie finally snaps and lets it slip to the entire camp that there is no Tomás!

Suddenly, Izzy finds herself without any allies—and hopelessly disconnected from her best friend. Can she rally the support of her cabinmates—and save her friendship with Mackenzie—in time for the camp’s final farewell?