Girl In Pieces

Kathleen Glasgow

Book Cover: Girl In Pieces

Seventeen-year-old Charlie Davis is a cutter.

While most girls her age are dealing with college choices, love lives, and prom, Charlie is struggling just to survive. After losing her best friend, Ellis, and her home, Charlie finds herself on the downtown streets of Saint Paul, Minnesota, where every day is a fight to live. After a traumatic event lands her in the hospital, Charlie finds what might be her best hope: a recovery program for girls just like her. When her insurance runs out, though, Charlie is back on the streets, alone. Through the kindness of her old friend, Mikey, the roadie for a band in Arizona, Charlie finds herself in the endless desert of Tucson, surrounded by musicians, artists, and eccentrics, and, in particular, a washed-up singer named Riley West.

GIRL IN PIECES is the stunning, heartbreaking story of what it means to live in the world when your body is your own worst enemy. It marks the arrival of Kathleen Glasgow, a major new voice in young adult literature.
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