Being Santa Claus

Sal Lizard and Jonathan Lane

Book Cover: Being Santa Claus

"What does it take to become Santa Claus? Lizard, a regular guy, transformed himself into the symbol of Christmas after his hair started going white in his 20s. With a heady blend of humor and sentiment, the author explains his role as a positive, affirming figure in the public pageantry surrounding the gala winter holiday citing his joy from the kids' utter adoration, and making wishes come true. Although Lizard sometimes views the grownups as an occupational hazard, he dons the red velvet costume, answers any pee-wee question, and treats every child "with love, dignity, and respect." For the child in every one of us remembering the magic of the Christmas season, he takes us back to the sheer happiness and anticipation of the holiday with his cheerful yet wacky takes in his chapters, "What Would Santa Do?" and "He Knows If You've Been Bad Or Good." If you want to begin to believe again in yuletide mirth and merriment, this book is the perfect sales pitch for the winter classic from a nutty professional Santa, the most effective antidote for sales, bargain and commercialism." - Publisher's Weekly